PT. ANEKA STAR has been manufacturing Mosler (Physical Security System) product since 1986 in Cibinong, West Java. More..

PT. ANEKA STAR has been expanded to industrial market and make differentiation product on Storage Racking System with brand name WESTAR. More..
Electronic Fire & Security System

This division works as a team of distributor and contractor.
• Fire Alarm    • Security Alarm
• Card Access   • CCTV   •  More..

The product line is very specific for central bank only. Kuster engineering B.V. is well known for custom designed Off-line currency and classified waste disintegration system. More..

SACO Airport Equipment (SACO) is renowned worldwide as an experienced organisation which is specialized in the development, production and delivery of air cargo handling and storage systems. More..

SEI is proud to be a manufacturer of many products that assist with humanitarian efforts, help protect the environment as well as support commercial and military operations in 110 countries around the world. More..
IDLink Systems

IDLink Systems have been a manufacturer, distributor and provider of biometric products and services worldwide using state of the art fingerprint, palm vein, iris, facial, voice and other cutting edge biometric technologies. More..
 Address : Jl. Pintu Air II No. 62 Jakarta 10710
 Phone : (021) 3522701 – 3522702
 Fax : (021) 3522704 – 3522705
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 Branch Office
 Bandung   Surabaya
 Address : Komplek Taman Holis Indah
Blok C5 No.4
Bandung 40215
  Address : JL. Kalianyar No.15 G
 Phone : (62-22) 600 4244   Phone : (62-31) 545 1352 / 545 1602
 Fax : (62-22) 600 5051   Fax : (62-21) 545 1856
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